Discovering WISTA

The Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association is a global organisation founded in 1974. WISTA brings together women executives and decision-makers from around the world and is made up of 45 NWAs (National WISTA Associations), 4 of which are based on the African continent, notably in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and Morocco.

WISTA promotes diversity in the maritime, commercial and logistics sectors, empowering women to lead through their unique perspectives and skills, in the belief that gender diversity is the key to a sustainable future for the global shipping industry.

WISTA works to:

  • Minimise the existing gender leadership gap in the maritime, commercial and logistics sectors;
  • Build a community among its members, facilitating the exchange of contacts, information and experience;
  • Promote the creation of business relationships between its members;
  • Facilitate the professional development of its members;
  • To liaise with other related institutions and organisations around the world.